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What is Crowdfunding? It's a financial procedure that helps people get Business Capital. You can use the money to start or expand a business or any profit-oriented project. Crowdfunding offers many benefits including attracting no interest or requiring repayments of the principle.
With crowdfunding, only your idea and skills matter in determining whether you get capital or not. Our service helps you tweak the other factors such as project presentation and accessing the philanthropists who provide the money. Any business project can benefit.

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Past Successful Projects

Projects Made By Crowdfunding

MavenCORE has been around since 2019. We started off with private crowdfunding before switching to public campaigns. These projects seen below are among the beneficiaries.

Profitable Pig Farm Project

by Samuel Mwangi

Nakuru, Kenya

I love farming from the practical point of view in that, no matter who you are in society, you have to eat. My idea is to start a pig farm as a commercial pork production project. I choose the swine over other f

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Funds to Repair Lorry – Isuzu 4.3

by David Githinji

Olkalou, Kenya

My Isuzu 4.3 truck is a well-rounded workhorse but mainly I use it to transport Sand, Firewood and charcoal. My main operation base is around Nakuru and Ol-kalou areas. I source firewood within the olkalou areas and d

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Featured Projects

Exceptional Crowdfunding Projects

In this section we list some of our exceptional projects that we believe deserve sufficient support. If you have an exceptional plan, your project too will be featured here.

Espring Project Phase 1- Land Acquisition

by Douglas Kanyi

Ngobit, Laikipia, Kenya

Every couple of years, severe droughts hit many parts of Kenya. The poster child of these drought bouts is the thousands of emaciated animals that new channels show every news hour. Some of the animal herders also rel

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Notable Advantages Of
Raising Capital Here

Capital is Provided
Based on Your
Future Plans

If you try to apply for a loan or find a business partner to provide capital, you MUST show past success, such as very high sales & profits, or have assets to back you up. Crowdfunding allows you to get capital only by SHOWING a plan of future success.

MavenCORE Assists
in Finding

There are numerous crowdfunding services globally. However, with most services, you do everything - create proposals and market them to prospective backers. MavenCORE is different, we assist in every step, including marketing your plans to philanthropists.

Direct Access for
Project Creators
& Philanthropists

MavenCORE is a public crowdfunding platform whereby we post your project openly. Any backer can see all the projects posted and support the one they like. You can see how your project is doing since all contributions are displayed on the project page.

It's an

Once you join MavenCORE, you'll connect with many other individuals in this vibrant community. You can take site trips to see what crowdfunding has done for others. You’ll also access our affiliate guides, who work hard to ensure your project get fast funding

How Crowdfunding Affiliates Help You Get You Capital?

For some people the messenger is more important than the message i.e. the person who tells you about something new matters, so you prefer to get information from people you know and trust. MavenCORE understands the importance of such a grounded approach to life. That is why we recruit and train people from all geographical locations to be part of our growing affiliate team. If you search for "MavenCORE affiliates near me" online you are likely to find someone you know to guide you through the steps until you receive full funding for you business.

MavenCORE Crowdfunding - the most Flexible, Stable & Transparent
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Funding Provided by Philanthropists
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