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We accept 3 categories of people - Entrepreneurs, Affiliates and Donors. What does that mean? It means you can join get capital for your business ideas or you can be paid for inviting those with ideas or support projects with your own money.
Joining us is easy since we have a standardized procedure. To Start, create an account on this website, then load your MavenCORE wallet with some money. Then you can take other steps such as submitting an idea for funding or activating the affiliate option - it all depends on your main goal for joining.

Create & Activate Your MavenCORE Account

5 percent of all the money raised for projects is paid to affiliates for their efforts to attract the best projects and donors to the program. As you can see we have already paid out significant amounts our affiliates.
It's easy to use our affiliate program

Past Successful Projects

Crowdfunding Works

MavenCORE has been around since 2019. We started off with private crowdfunding campaigns funding these projects, among others

Profitable Pig Farm Project

by Samuel Mwangi

Nakuru, Kenya

I love farming from the practical point of view in that, no matter who you are in society, you have to eat. My idea is to start a pig farm as a commercial pork production project. I choose the swine over other f

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Funds to Repair Lorry – Isuzu 4.3

by David Githinji

Olkalou, Kenya

My Isuzu 4.3 truck is a well-rounded workhorse but mainly I use it to transport Sand, Firewood and charcoal. My main operation base is around Nakuru and Ol-kalou areas. I source firewood within the olkalou areas and d

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Featured Projects

Believe in Crowdfunding

In this section we list some of our exceptional projects that we believe deserve sufficient support. You can donate or explore partnership

Espring Project Phase 1- Land Acquisition

by Douglas Kanyi

Ngobit, Laikipia, Kenya

Every couple of years, severe droughts hit many parts of Kenya. The poster child of these drought bouts is the thousands of emaciated animals that new channels show every news hour. Some of the animal herders also rel

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Notable Advantages Of
Donating or Raising Capital Here

It's A Well
Established Method

Once you join the program you will meet existing members that have built worthy projects from scratch with the contributions collected through MavenCORE. You can explore the digital footprint of the program through photos and videos or visit projects in person.

MavenCORE Offers
Full Guidance

Whether you are an entrepreneur wondering how to present a project to guarantee a positive outcome or a donor having a hard time deciding which project to back, MavenCORE provides useful information to help you make the appropriate long-term decisions.

Follows Up Projects

For a donor, one of the most disappointing thing is giving your money that never goes into the project presented by a creator. MavenCORE uses a gradual release approach to compel project owners to spend money only on the activities they apply for.

Benefit On
Supporting Projects

We filter the projects presented, accepting only those that solve real world problems and have the potential to make profit. Those two aspects ensure the projects have a real chance of thriving once funded benefitting the creators and those who fund them.

How Being A Crowdfunding Affiliate Can Get You Capital?

We understand that its not every project that strikes a chord with donors to receive funding via the normal crowdfunding channel. Therefore, we offer a second way for entrepreneurs to get funding through MavenCORE. If you are a hardworking, persistent person that feels proud when others succeed, our crowdfunding affiliate program can ensure you also get to fulfill your dreams one day. MavenCORE Technologies checks the earnings affiliates make over time from sharing projects online. We give you capital equal to 10 times your total commission earnings for an year. So if you have a great idea and a never say die spirit, being an affiliate can give you free capital to start your own venture.

MavenCORE Crowdfunding - the most Flexible, Stable & Transparent
Way to Raise Money for Business Online

Fundraising Supported by Affiliates
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