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Am I Paying Anything to Use MavenCORE Crowdfunding

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Yes, you need to pay to access the MavenCORE Crowdfunding Platform

Wasting time and effort on Free Crowdfunding platforms can be frustration. In case you have not tried crowdfunding before, you can find a list of free crowdfunding sites here. Pick any, post your project free and see how it turns out.  

Free crowdfunding sites are great but they only offer you a platform to collect money but play no role in the actual raising of the money.  However, MavenCORE is a bit different!  Our premium service maximizes your chances of getting capital for a business since we get directly involved in the funding process. We take an active role in recommending and pitching projects listed on our platform to Philanthropists, Donors or Strategic investors.

To access this privilege, you have to part with a small fee of Ksh5000 when listing a project and a 12.5% fee when your project raises the budgeted amount. There is some extra good news about these fees. 

  1. You can use a Mavencore coupon code to drop the fee you pay before listing to Ksh2500
  2. If you need less than 90% of the total budgeted cost of  your project, we allow your to convert the fee into a contribution to your own project.

What will you access after joining MavenCORE Premium Crowdfunding?

Other Reasons We Charge Upfront Fees

Determining who is ready for business

Starting a business is NOT always the best thing. You need to be in the right financial position personally before venturing into business. Despite planning, market conditions or the capital available, businesses do not always go as planned. Therefore, someone who expects to start earing a livelihood immediately the business starts operating is likely to force the business to fail by consuming every penny the venture generates. 

The requirement to come up with Ksh5000 before listing a project helps us identify who is not yet in a position to start a business since you can either afford it or NOT. Don’t worry if you cannot  afford the money at the moment, the businesses being funded are creating jobs that you can apply for and earn enough to start your business in the future.

Quality of Projects

When someone pays a fee  to access the platform, it is much easier for our team to advise them on the quality of their project and the changes they need to make to improve the chances of getting funding. In contrast, when the platform was free, many people readily dismiss advice and demand that their projects be sent to “Strategic investors, Donors and Philanthropists” since they are the ones with the final say. After all, the person submitting a free project has little to lose apart from the little effort put in writing down the proposal. 

We prefer high quality projects that can impress investors and philanthropists since that is how we succeed.

About Us

MavenCORE  Technologies is a web-based service that creates alternative channels for people looking for business capital and ways to make money online. We help people articulate their ideas and link them with well wishers and marketers so that their dreams turn into reality. We accept entrepreneurial projects started with the aim of making profit and solving every day problems in the society.

Our Services

Wonderful things MavenCORE crowdfunding Does for Members

Share Wide Reach

We maximize the reach a project has around the world through our networking channels. With more prospective backers reached, your goal to raise business capital comes nearer and nearer.

Implementation Proof

One of the biggest worries donors and philanthropists have is giving away money which is diverted to other purposes. We provide detailed project implementations giving backers confidence to support new projects.

Proposal Evaluation

The MavenCORE team evaluates the project you submit to establish how donors, philanthropists or strategic investors might view it. We offer free advice on ways to improve submitted projects.


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