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How To Become A MavenCORE Crowdfunding Affiliate – Joining & Approval

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Thank you for your interest in the MavenCORE Affiliate Program. This is a lucrative business in which you will connect people with business ideas to capital from donors, philanthropists and strategic investors. In this section we provide information on how you will set up your business and start earning. You need Ksh2500 – 5000 to start and run this business. Follow the steps below are you will be okay.

The the job you are here to do is very simple – go to the internet and find people who have business ideas or projects that need capital and tell them about the Mavencore crowdfunding solution which will get them business capital ranging from Ksh50,000 to 20 million.

You need a set of tools to help you reach the right people and make them to join the program. Becoming a MavenCORE affiliate allows you to access the tools: 

The Tools Needed for This Business

We provide all these tools once you activate your wallet and become an approved MavenCORE affiliate. Below is the step by step process of becoming a fully approved affiliate.

Step-by-Step Process to be Approved – MavenCORE Affiliate

Step 1: If you are new, create a MavenCORE account on the registration page

Activate your account via the link sent to your email,  and log in then proceed to the affiliate approval process

Step 2: Deposit Ksh5,000 into your MavenCORE Wallet. You can deposit Ksh2500 if you use a Mavencore coupon code.  So ask the person that referred you for a discount code. You can WhatsApp us if you were not referred by anything.

Deposits can be made using Mpesa, PayPal, Debit/Credit cards or Crypto currency


How the Wallet Area appears. Tap Add Balance to make a deposit.

Step 3: Go to the affiliates section and apply to be a Mavencore Affiliate. There is a form which is usually pre-filled when you are logged in. Just hit submit and in 24 hours we’ll review your account and approve you. The Ksh5000 in your wallet is deducted on account approval, so make sure have a deposit in your wallet before applying to be an affiliate. 

In case there is no money in your wallet, your application to be an affiliate is rejected.


Congratulations! You Are Now An Affiliate!!

Step 4: Collect your tools and start sharing

Make sure you have your:

  • Unique affiliate link 
  • Coupon code 
  • Located our blogs

These are readily provided in the affiliate area. Your Affiliate ID is the coupon code that you will give people. It is also part of your unique link. 

Start sharing our blogs and surveys. Remember to include your coupon code every time you share so that our system can track who posts a project from your efforts. 

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