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MavenCORE Affiliate Program

steps when working as affiliate

About The Affiliate Program

The MavenCORE crowdfunding Affiliate Program is a unique business opportunity you can take advantage of and make money online. It’s simple to operate since the main task is creating awareness online that its possible for anyone to get business capital from donors & philanthropists. You direct people to MavenCORE crowdfunding platform using blogs and survey questionnaires. Earn when someone submits a project & when they are funded by donors, philanthropists or strategic investors.

Business Setup Process

Earn Ksh125+ immediately someone publishes idea + Ksh50,000 for every 1Million a project raises.

How to become a Crowdfunding Affiliate

affiliate registering

Step 1

Sign up on this website. Use a valid email address so that you can easily receive the resources that we provide periodically.

Step 2

Request to become an affiliate by visiting the affiliate area. Click the button below and log into the account you created earlier.

Step 3

Activate your affiliate account. Then MavenCORE will provide blogs and surveys. Share them on your social media regularly

Your Job As Our Affiliate

To Show People Alternate Capital Sources

There are hundreds of platforms that allow
people from different parts of the world to approach philanthropists for business capital. Many potential beneficiaries don't know this option exists.

To Show Proof of Beneficiaries

People with projects have already received millions in cash to start of expand projects. Show this to potential beneficiaries.

Our crowdfunding affiliate program pays you well but like any other business, you have to do some work to get this money. Luckily, it’s very easy work, you have probably never done something this easy for money before.

Your job as an affiliate is NOT to invite or convince people to join MavenCORE – noo… that would be too difficult since you would have to make promises, answer their difficult questions, etc

Instead, your job is simply to show people that there are other options when one wants capital for a business. Getting business capital from donors, philanthropists or strategic investors has one big advantage because the recipient of this money does not make repayments or pay interest on the capital their project gets. We provide you with photos and videos of the projects funded through crowdfunding for you to share online. We provide tutorials, blogs and coupon codes to help those who want try their luck. Share all these materials regularly on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, TikTok, etc. We pay you twice – when someone publishes a project on MavenCORE crowdfunding and when the capital is raised. For example, is someone raises 1 million in capital, affiliates get Ksh50,000

The work you do for us will help those with ideas, visions, innovations or invention to explore this capital generation solution. It doesn’t require guarantors, charge interest or auction the business owner!

No forcing, No Cajoling, No Convincing… Just sharing good vibes! Scroll down to see the content you will be sharing

steps when working as affiliate
Tutorials for using MavenCORE
3 critical aspects of a business idea
General Business Tips

Share Surveys Like This One

    Yes I need capitalNo, I need something to do to make money

    It's something new I want to startit's an existing project

    Log in, Share & Earn

    Affiliate Rules

    By participating in the affiliate program, you agree to be bound by these affiliate rules and the general MavenCORE Crowdfunding Terms of Use

    Why Participate

    Imagine this..

    Someone has a genius idea but lacks the capital to implement it. You introduce this person to business crowdfunding and he/she gets 10 million to start the project from people around the world. You receive 5% commission for bringing in the person!

    Unlimited Ideas

    The number of people seeking money for projects out there is virtually limitless. The people supporting crowdfunding are also everywhere in the world. So earn as long as you like sharing an opportunity with other people through social media.


    People who have benefited have this to say...

    “I recommend this program to everyone I meet. I have even printed flyers to hand out to my transport customers. Its very easy to participate and the money is supplementing my income now that fuel prices have skyrocketed”
    Joseph, Taxi Driver
    “As a full time teacher posted away from the big city, i have a hard time getting into the side-hustles others are doing. But After discovering MavenCORE crowdfunding affiliate program, I can do everything on my phone and receive my payment each weekend. My social media time is now paying my bills.”
    Joyce, Teacher
    “Finding new opportunities in the city is not as easy as it used to be. So impressing people with a unique opportunity is definitely something I couldn't pass by. I chose to try this affiliate program out of boredom and so far I can't complain. That 5% quickly piles up into a good income”
    Kibe, Businessman

    Visit Our Office or Projects

    Would you like to see in person what MavenCORE crowdfunding does? You can visit our office for a chat or we can take a field trip to one of the biggest funded projects. Ksh24,000,000 has already been raised for the project.

    MavenCORE Office

    Funded Project 24M


    An affiliate program is a partnership between a website or business (the merchant) and individuals or entities (affiliates) who promote the merchant’s products or services on their own platforms. Affiliates earn a commission for each sale or action generated through their referral links. In this case MavenCORE Crowdfunding is the merchant and the actions are submission of projects.

    – Sign Up: Affiliates sign up for the program through our website and receive a unique affiliate ID and referral link. Each affiliate must pay a Ksh5,000 fee to get the affiliate ID

    – Promote: Affiliates draw people’s attention to the projects we have funded through their websites, blogs, social media, or other marketing channels using photos, videos and their referral links.

    – Track and Monitor: We provide tracking tools to monitor affiliate referrals, sales, and commissions in real-time.

    – Earn Commissions: Affiliates earn a commission for each project successfully listed on the MavenCORE Crowdfunding platform through their unique referral link. They also get 5% of the money a project raises.

    – Payouts: Commissions are paid out according to our payment schedule, weekly.

    To join the MavenCORE affiliate program, you must be a registered member of the website (website ( and have at least Ksh5,000 deposit in your MavenCORE wallet. Visit our website and look for the “Refer A Friend” or “MavenCORE Affiliate Program” page.  Submit the application form provided. We’ll check your balance, deduct Ksh5,000 and approve your request. You will be able to access your Affiliate Dashboard where your unique link/ID is provided.

    Yes, joining our affiliate program attracts a one-time fee of Ksh5,000 payable before your affiliate account is activated.

    The commission rate is set at 5% of what the projects raise. Therefore, if a project successfully raises Ksh10 million, the affiliates involved in that project will get Ksh500,000. Also for each new project published through your invitation, you get a standard Ksh125+ commission immediately it is published.

    We provide each affiliate with a unique referral link or affiliate ID. When a customer clicks on your link and makes a purchase or completes a desired action, the system tracks the referral and credits you with the corresponding commission. We use advanced tracking technology to ensure accuracy and transparency.

    Commissions are paid weekly on Fridays. The minimum payout threshold is Ksh2500. Our payment options Mpesa and Binance.

    Generally, you can promote our products/services on various platforms such as websites, blogs, social media, email marketing, or other marketing channels. However, it’s important to review our affiliate program terms and conditions to ensure compliance with any restrictions or guidelines.

    Yes, we welcome affiliates from different countries provided they can accept payment through Binance. Our affiliate program is open to international participants unless specified otherwise. However, ensure that you review any specific country restrictions or payment considerations outlined in our program details.

    We provide affiliates with access to a dedicated affiliate dashboard or reporting system where you can track your referrals, sales, and commissions in real time. The dashboard will offer detailed statistics, performance metrics, and commission summaries.

    Explore Projects

    Browse photos from different projects already underway supported by MavenCORE Crowdfunding

    There is nothing better than seeing ideas that you supported blossoming into fully-fledged products that people rely on every day. The gallery below shows some photos from projects started with money raised through MavenCORE crowdfunding efforts.

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