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Share Videos, Graphics, Gifs, and blogs along with your coupon code. Below we highlight some of the content available for sharing. Follow our social media handles for daily access to the latest content.

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A few clever people have been raising millions of dollars in business capital online. One of the methods they use is called crowdfunding. You have a chance to do the same by posting your business plan on MavenCORE crowdfunding. Money raised through crowdfunding does not attract interest or require repayment giving your business a better chance of survival.

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**the coupon code to give people is your Affiliate ID**

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As much or as little as you like. The main goal is to reach people. Whether you share once a day, a week, or every hour, your concern should be whether people are showing interest. Of course the more you share, the higher the likelihood of seeing good results.

Many people have never heard of crowdfunding. When you share our content, you educate them that they have a chance to get free business capital from people. You are paid not because you share but because people respond to what you share

Yes, feel free to create videos, graphics or even articles related to crowdfunding or affiliate marketing and share them to encourage others to use the service

The easiest way is to join our Telegram or WhatsApp groups where you can access all media and save it to your device for easier sharing

Content Creation is An Art! Sharing is Universal

Social media use is fun. With the content sharing business you are simply transforming what you do for fun into a money-making venture. No entry exam required or prohibitive geographical location requirements.

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