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I’m a driver in the public service sector and I wish to acquire a vehicle

Doing My Part to Enhance Public Transportation: Investing in Reliable Vehicles

by Mike Maina

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Nakuru, Kenya

Mike Maina

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Project Overview:

I’m are seeking your support to invest in reliable vehicles that will contribute to improving the public transportation system in our community. This project aims to provide safe and efficient transportation services while adhering to the highest ethical standards. By crowdfunding this initiative, I can acquire the necessary funds to purchase vehicles, cover operational costs, and make a positive impact on commuters’ daily lives.


Projected Yearly Return on Investment:

Based on my financial projections, the average revenue generated per day is approximately Ksh 8,000, resulting in an estimated annual net return of Ksh 1,090,400. Our calculations consider various factors such as daily variable costs (fuel, sacco charges, car wash & parking, miscellaneous expenses) and fixed costs (salaries, conductor fees, vehicle service, TLB, insurance).


Mitigating Unforeseen Circumstances:

To minimize the chances of project failure due to unforeseen circumstances, I have implemented several strategies. Firstly, I will operate under a Sacco, which enables members to save money automatically every day. Additionally, we adhere to a routine maintenance schedule to ensure our vehicles are always in good condition. Moreover, we strictly follow all laws and regulations, including obtaining the necessary documentation and licenses required by the government.


Indirect Benefits of the Project:

While the project may not have significant indirect effects, the introduction of new vehicles will contribute to the overall improvement of the public transportation sector. By providing reliable and convenient services, we aim to enhance commuters’ experiences and contribute to the overall efficiency of the transportation system.


Funding Requirements:

I have estimated that the project would require a minimum of Ksh 1,400,000 and a maximum of Ksh 2,900,000. The minimum estimate considers the possibility of purchasing a vehicle on loan, with Crowdfunding covering 40% of the total vehicle cost and 100% of other project costs. The maximum cost estimate is where MavenCORE crowdfunding covers all project costs, including vehicle purchase.


Personal Investment and Cost Efficiency:

I plan to cover approximately 51% of the total project cost through a vehicle loan. By opting for vehicle models between 2009 and 2014, I aim to achieve cost efficiency, as the purchase cost is lower compared to newer models. Additionally, the cost of spare parts for these older models is more affordable, helping in maintaining the vehicles within a reasonable budget.


Ethical Norms and High Standards:

To ensure that the project operates with the highest ethical standards, I will closely supervise the work crews by personally driving the vehicle. With my experience in the sector, I possess the necessary discipline to oversee operations and maintain a professional and ethical environment. Furthermore, receiving substantial funding from MavenCORE will alleviate financial pressures, allowing us to prioritize ethical practices.


Partnership with MavenCORE:

This project can work in collaboration with MavenCORE by offering convenient transportation services when materials or personnel need to be transported within the country. I believe that with a reliable vehicle, we can contribute to the seamless execution of MavenCORE’s consultancy or supplier-related tasks.


Project Growth, Future Expansion and Maintaining Competitive Advantage:

Assuming the project proceeds as planned, i anticipate the potential acquisition of a second vehicle within the next 2-3 years. This projected growth is based on the expected revenue generated and the positive response from the community to our reliable transportation services.


In the public transport sector, uniqueness is not a primary factor since several vehicles already offer similar services. However, by ensuring our vehicles are well-maintained and delivering consistent, reliable service, we can retain a competitive edge. Our focus on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction will differentiate us from competitors who may offer lower prices without maintaining the same level of service and professionalism.


Commitment to Transparency:

I am committed to providing physical evidence of our experience and achievements in the sector, demonstrating competence and dedication. By presenting tangible proof, I aim to address any concerns and convincingly showcase the viability and value of our project.


In summary, with your support, we can revolutionize the public transportation system in our community, providing reliable and safe transportation services to commuters. Your contribution will enable us to acquire vehicles, cover operational costs, and deliver a positive impact on the daily lives of countless individuals. Join me in the mission to enhance public transportation and be part of a sustainable solution for our community.

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