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I have lorry, which I bought through a bank loan, and I have been servicing it fully for the last two and a half years. However, currently am facing some problems because the truck needs some repairs to continue operating as usual. The downtime and the loan payments are putting a strain on me so I need some financial assistance that doesn’t increase the burden. The money I get here will help replace the differential, service the truck and also spray a fresh coat of paint. Since I have been involved in this line of work for many years, I believe after this ‘upgrade’ I will bounce back with vigor and clear the rest of the bank loan.


Funds to Repair Lorry – Isuzu 4.3

by David Githinji

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Olkalou, Kenya

David Githinji

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My Isuzu 4.3 truck is a well-rounded workhorse but mainly I use it to transport Sand, Firewood and charcoal. My main operation base is around Nakuru and Ol-kalou areas. I source firewood within the olkalou areas and deliver  to well-known manufacturers such as Comply and Menengai. I also work with entertainment joints within Nakuru town where I deliver charcoal. I also have sand customers in within olkalou and since it is sourced from Nakuru, most return trips the truck doesn’t go empty. By establishing such a diversified approach, it is rare that they the lorry sits idle.

The truck has no major engine or mechanical issues, it’s just the differential that needs replacement due to damage caused by regular vehicle wear and tear. The paintwork also needs a fresh coat. To restore the lorry’s natural visual appeal – a visually appealing vehicle gives customers the confidence that they will get deliveries in time when they ask for transport.  A dilapidated look can be associated with mechanical problems even when none exists pushing customers away.

Because the lorry has been sitting idle in a garage for some weeks, it will also require full service once the differential issues are fixed. We will do an oil change and replace the alternator and power steering belts among other minor fixes. I believe MavenCORE is a great platform that will save many people from financial stagnation.

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June, 2020

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  1. MavenCORE (verified owner)

    One of the first projects MavenCORE supported through private crowdfunding. We funded it fully and the money was spent to renovate the lorry getting it back on the road!

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