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Take These Steps After Joining Mavencore Crowdfunding 

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Joining the MavenCORE crowdfunding platform is a wise move – it’s the best service if you have been wondering how to crowdfund in Kenya. Use this opportunity to get free business capital from people around the world. With our system, several people contribute small amounts of money until your budget of millions is accumulated so that you can start your project with sufficient financial muscle.

For you to enjoy this free capital source, you have to complete a couple of steps as highlighted below.

Remember, crowdfunding requires sufficient self-drive i.e. you have to push yourself rather than wait for someone to follow up on you. 

So, erase statements like “I don’t know” or “The website is not loading” or “This is difficult” from your mind.

The Essential Steps to Get You Started

Step 1:

Load Ksh5,000 into Your MavenCORE Wallet

Whether you are joining to raise money for a project or to earn commission as one of MavenCORE affiliates, you need to make a deposit into your Wallet on this website. The amount is standard – Ksh5,000 for everyone. Later on, you’ll decide what to do with the money.

Step 2:

Choose What You Want To Do As A MavenCORE Member

You can do 3 distinct things with your MavenCORE crowdfunding account.

  1. You can present a project for funding
  2. You can be an affiliate and earn commission 
  3. You can support people’s projects 

In case you want to do more than one of the above, start with the affiliate option. As an affiliate, you’ll be free to submit a project without facing other challenges. However, if you submit an idea first and then choose to be an affiliate, later on, you will need a new cash deposit for your affiliate account to be accepted. 

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