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Try this Business,  You Can Start with Ksh5000 or Less

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When you are looking for a business to engage in, the capital required is always a big determinant of what you choose. A business that requires only Ksh5,000 as startup capital and has the potential to earn you tens of thousands for every customer converted successfully is worth checking out.

In this business, your job is to find people with business ideas or projects that need capital. You get paid a small amount when someone you refer applies for capital and when the project successfully raises money, you get your big payment – for every 1 million in capital a project raises, you get 50,000. We have a short survey below that can tell you if this is for you.

Remember, your job is not to raise capital for people. You simply need to find prospective applicants and guide them through the application process. Once a project is listed, MavenCORE takes over, pitching it to philanthropists, donors, and strategic investors until it is funded. All projects are listed publicly, so you will keep track of all the money a project raises until the full budget is realized.

Where to Find People

The internet is your main hunting ground for business-minded people to add to the program. MavenCORE provides resources to make your search easier. Mainly we have blogs and questionnaires that you can readily share with everyone on social media.
Another resource is a coupon code that gives people a 50% discount when they choose to join the program. Who doesn’t love to save money, especially when you are trying to set up a business?

Every Business has Challenges

While this business has numerous benefits as you have already seen, it has challenges like any other business out there.

In this case, the challenge is that it’s not every random person that joins the program that will earn you money. Those you add need to have business projects and must be capable of fulfilling all requirements to have it published on the crowdfunding platform. However, since there are millions of people out there that can use some extra capital, you only need to share more and the right people will find their way into the program earning you money.

Start this business today! It’s fun and you will learn a lot about business as you help others set up theirs. There’s even better news – you can use a MavenCORE coupon code and it will only cost you Ksh2500 to set up this business.

    Can crowdfunding marketing be a good business for you? Take this short survey and we'll let you know.

    Answ 2: Any option that reaches many people will work. Whether it’s in-person recommendation for people to read blogs or a large social fanbase, social media groups and hashtags.

    Answ 5: The Mavencore website has a dashboard where you will see how many clicks and registrations arise from what you share. The affiliate ID and Coupon code identify who brings in a new member so we send emails whenever someone registers

    Answ 6: In this business, we work with you almost as a joint venture. Mavencore creates content like graphics, blogs, and surveys daily to supply you. You focus only on sharing it on social media.

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